The program elements explained


The UK Mental Health Foundation recognises that people who better manage their work-life balance essentially work 21% harder. This is backed up by OECD research(2) that identifies – working overly long days actually reduces productivity. We offer techniques to maintain a healthier balance between work and personal life. 

Mindfulness, Meditation, Nutrition


Improved focus through ´Attention Training´,  enables peak performance, builds trust in teams when practiced at work, and develops an agile mindset that can easily adapt to change. We will guide an interactive workshop that will demystifying mindfulness and share its multitude of benefits.

Mindfulness, Team work, Exercise, Meditation


Employees experiencing burn-out complaints rose to 16% in 2017(1). Stress can have long-term effects on health and well-being and can eventually lead to the development of chronic illnesses. It is therefore vital to learn how to De-Stress. We will illustrate diverse methods to manage stress and to unwind.

Mindfulness, Exercise, Meditation


General health begins with regular exercise. It increases stamina, improves immunity to combat illnesses, and helps curb feelings of anxiety and depression. We will share various forms of exercise.

Exercise, Meditation, Nutrition


It is crucial to understand and elevate the potential of individuals. We help discover personal strengths and enhance Peak Performance through a sustainable, result-focused approach.

Mindfulness, Team work


In our fast-changing world where insecurity and complexity are continuous drivers, alienation is a high risk. Taking responsibility through Personal Leadership is imperative. With a neuroscience basis, our masterclass offers insight into the conscious and unconscious triggers driving behaviour.

Mindfulness, Team work


Good communication can increase morale, commitment, cooperation, team work and productivity in any aspect of life. We will demonstrate ways for everyone to feel heard and to be kept informed.

Mindfulness, Team work

(1) TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research: nieuws/2019/ 01/31/overvraagd-en-weinig-autonoom-a3652475, for more facts and figures:
(2) The mission of the Organisation for Economic Co- operation and Development: http://www.oecdbetter-

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