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Stress is inevitable and sometimes required, but to be always busy - that is a choice!

The last couple of years working in Hong Kong and at the ZuidAs Amsterdam, I have seen an increase of stress-related sick days and burn-out complaints. The most successful managers who don’t suffer from stress, practising sports and meditation to balance their stressful jobs. 

Clear your head, how do you do this quickly and what suits you? The greatest asset of a company in the 21st century is its workforce. If they are motivated, energetic and involved, the best internal cooperations will grow and improve the company results. 

This is the reason I have developed the One Day Business Retreat in cooperation with experts in their field, our guest speakers. My expertise is organising live events to unite and inspire. In the past, I have worked in large companies at Marketing Communications and Sales departments. I know what is going on and what has to be achieved every day.
To find more life-work balance, I started practicing yoga, meditation and Mindfulness. 

Therefore, I would like to introduce different technics to organisations and demystify this new approach. Last year the program One Day Retreat grew every edition and is now developed for the corporate market. 

In ONE DAY this interactive program offers managers and their teams several tools to find out what works for each of them. Experts will guide you in the many ways to reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace, and how to create the optimum environment for your staff to not just survive but trive! 

Explore by interactive workshops and use immediately the next workday some of the skills to optimise yourself and the company results. As a teambuilding day you could also offer this to your team and increase the effectivity, motivation and cooperation. 

An extra aspect of this day, is that your company could choose their own theme and guest speaker to make it a tailor-made program. Especially, for organisations which are looking for an easy way of sharing knowledge about Peak Performance, Sustainable Leadership, Destress, Focus, Work-Live Balance and Communication. 

Barbara Markovits - Spaans


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